Profile Management

A talent mindset is a deep-seated belief that having better talent at all levels allows your company to outperform its competitors. Fusion Profile Management provides a framework for developing and managing talent profiles that meet industry or organizational requirements.

  • profile managementProfiles summarize the qualifications and skills of a person or a workforce structure such as a job or position. Profiles are valuable for tracking workers’ skills, competencies, and accomplishments, and for various talent management activities, such as career planning, identifying training needs, performance management, and in the recruitment process for identifying job requirements and suitable applicants.
  • Using the comparison feature, you can compare profiles to determine next career moves or training needs for workers, and identify suitable candidates for jobs.
  • The Best-fit analysis determines the person profile that most closely matches a job profile, or the job profile that is the best match for a person profile.

Interested in learning more? View Profile Management implementation guide information.

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