Attention Indicator Flag (AIF)

The Attention Indicator Flag (AIF) will display to advise users of a created/modified requisition, when a new candidate applies on a requisition or modifies their application or information and when a user has tasks that are newly assigned to them. The Attention Indicator Flag (AIF) will not display in the following scenarios whether it be […]

Designing OBIEE Reports – Points to Consider

Many clients become overwhelmed by the idea of creating reports because they aren’t sure where to start. Here are 3 questions to consider that can help get you on the right track for designing any report:   What are you trying to convey? The primary purpose of all reports is to portray data, so it […]

Recruiting PDF Merge Forms

A merge form is a custom PDF document that can be generated on demand in Taleo by recruiting users. The PDFs are most commonly used to view, capture and print information about candidates from the candidate file and/or information obtained at some point during the candidate’s hiring process. The following actions are necessary to utilize […]

TCC Data Export

A common question we receive is: How do I limit the number of rows returned in a TCC data export? One way to do this is to update your Advanced Export Options to include the “Paging Size” option. Here’s how: Open your TCC export script (sq.xml file) In the Advanced section, click the ellipsis to […]

Functional Setup Manager

Managing implementations tasks and promoting changes from one Fusion environment to another are necessary for each Fusion module implementation project. Oracle introduced a tool for Fusion called Functional Setup Manager to manage implementation tasks. In Fusion, Offering is the highest level grouping of Applications functionality and is usually the starting point for configuration decisions. Functional […]

2017 PDF Tax Forms in Onboarding

Need to update your Tax Form PDFs for 2017? You don’t have to duplicate your Onboarding process to complete this task. Just follow these four steps: Tokenize the 2017 tax form. Create a new document referencing the new 2017 tax form. Update the Related source of the Task Definition in your process with the new […]

OBI Subject Areas

There are currently 4 subject areas for building reports in OBI, which determine the content available for creating reports: Recruiting (Legacy) Only available to clients that had Business Objects Reporting. It was created with similar naming conventions to Business Objects to help ease the migration to OBI. As new columns are added in to OBI, […]

Profile Management

A talent mindset is a deep-seated belief that having better talent at all levels allows your company to outperform its competitors. Fusion Profile Management provides a framework for developing and managing talent profiles that meet industry or organizational requirements. Profiles summarize the qualifications and skills of a person or a workforce structure such as a […]