2017 PDF Tax Forms in Onboarding

Need to update your Tax Form PDFs for 2017? You don’t have to duplicate your Onboarding process to complete this task. Just follow these four steps: Tokenize the 2017 tax form. Create a new document referencing the new 2017 tax form. Update the Related source of the Task Definition in your process with the new […]

4 Steps for Oracle Taleo Recruiting & Onboarding Health Checks

Health Checks are a quick and inexpensive way to identify opportunities to expand functionality and further align and improve your HR business processes – saving your team time and money. A typical health check can be completed in just 12 hours and delivers valuable insight of inefficiencies, as well as documentation of optimization recommendations. Here’s […]

Oracle Taleo Connect Client: Think Outside the Box

Oracle Taleo Connect Client (TCC) is a very powerful integration tool, but unfortunately most organizations overlook the product’s full potential. Integrating Taleo to a payroll system is just scratching the surface of what TCC is capable of. Below we share a few non-traditional uses of TCC that can help improve candidate communication, streamline business processes, […]

6 Step Checklist for Your Migration Planning

Oracle has announced the end-of-life for Legacy Onboarding and the end of maintenance for the feature as of December 31, 2015. Are you ready to make the move to Onboarding (Transitions)? We’ve compiled a list to help: Familiarize yourself with Onboarding (Transitions).  Take the Onboarding (Transitions) Administration training. Attend the Onboarding User group meetings and […]

Six Ways to Incorporate Technology Into Onboarding

Employees will never be more in love with your organization than the day they start work. And one of the primary goals of a good onboarding program is to maintain that enthusiasm. Experts offer this advice on how technology can help engage employees as soon as they are hired, and streamline tasks so they are […]