Recruiting PDF Merge Forms

A merge form is a custom PDF document that can be generated on demand in Taleo by recruiting users. The PDFs are most commonly used to view, capture and print information about candidates from the candidate file and/or information obtained at some point during the candidate’s hiring process. The following actions are necessary to utilize […]

4 Steps for Oracle Taleo Recruiting & Onboarding Health Checks

Health Checks are a quick and inexpensive way to identify opportunities to expand functionality and further align and improve your HR business processes – saving your team time and money. A typical health check can be completed in just 12 hours and delivers valuable insight of inefficiencies, as well as documentation of optimization recommendations. Here’s […]

Talent Acquisition Metrics Your CHRO Really Cares About

Metrics enable you to gauge the overall health of your talent acquisition process. Chief HR Officers have certain KPIs (key performance indicators) that they report on. The following are ones they watch as these metrics provide deeper insight into the performance and business impact of your talent management system. Some of these metrics are standard, some are not; […]